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26th of Mach 2006 Site got new looks.
16th of Feb 2006 Pages finally updated. I added few photos of the SnowCastle to photos page.
7th of Feb 2005 Site under construction. Pages will come back sooner or later or maby never.
22nd of Dec 2004 I added four pictures to the children-page.
10th of Jun 2004 I changed few pictures of Joonas and Tiia from children-page.
18th of Feb 2004 I added few pictures of the new SnowCastle and one picture of Tatu. I deleted few old pictures and changed again the looks of this site.
15th of Aug 2003 I added new photos of Kalajoki and children. I also changed a little bit of the looks of the photos-page
26th of Feb 2003 I added new photos of the SnowCastle VIII and children. Old castles got a new page.
February 2002 I added few new visual elements to pages.
November 2002 Site got new looks.
March 2002 I added and changed few pictures of the SnowCastle.
October 2001 English version finally updated.
March 2001 English version of homepage made by request.
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