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Personal data

omakuva Name Timo Laapotti omakuva
Email f4u@f4u.fi
Phone 0400 - 684 358
Address Haapalankatu 11A5
94100 Kemi
Date of birth 10.5.1974
Marital status Cohabitation


In near future I want to be working with digital media or software projects. Right now I'm focused mainly in usability and user interfaces. In my master's thesis I made usability quality model.


Language skills

Finnish Excellent
English Adequate
Swedish Satisfactory

Computer skills

Methods/Methodologies SA/SD, UML, Process models (mainly waterfall model and iterative prototyping, in theory also other process models), Contextual Design, usability methods (for example Nielsen's Heuristics, usability testing and cognitive walkthrough), Agile methods.
Technologies HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java, C, php, MySQL and Poet
Programs Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Project. Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Pinnacle Studio, Rational Rose and Borland C.
Other computer skills I have assembled, updated and fixed computers for me and my friends. So I have good knowledge about computer hardware and software.

Other skills

I have good teamwork skills. I got used to work with many kinds of people when I worked in paper industry. Working together with other people was natural for me. My project working skills have increased when I studied project working. We also had much group works in school where I used to do things with other people. In Project II -course I was project manager so I have also experiences in leading people. My written communicational skills have always been good. My grades in native language have been excellent in comprehensive school and high school. My spoken communicational skills have improved having done many presentations. Nowadays I could say I'm quite good in spoken communication also.

Work experience

Newspaper Pohjolan Sanomat 1989- Assistant. I'm an editor of Puuhaillaan-column. Children can send there drawings and other things they have done. I then scan those to computer and do certain things that drawings show up nicely in the newspaper. I sometimes publish some problems which children can solve. Few examples of those are in my Puuhaillaan-pages.
SnowCastle Kemi 1/2006-2/2006 Photographer. I was photographer of the SnowCastle. Few photos that I have taken can be found in my SnowCastle-page.
Language centre of the university of Oulu 2/2005-6/2005 Project manager. We analysed customer needs, designed a product which fulfils those needs and made prototype of final product for language centre. This project was one part of Project II course. Final product (Kirjoittajan ABC-kortti) was made by students which were in Project I course.
DiVision 10/2004-1/2005 Project worker. We designed, implemented and tested user interface prototype of Optima learning area for mobile devices. Project was part of Project I course.
Stora Enso Veitsiluoto factory
summer jobs
1997-2002 Substitute. Sheeting plant in Kemi 4 months/summer.
1995-1996 Worker in a sheet cutter production line. Sheeting plant in Kemi 4 months/summer.
1994 Cleaner in paper machine renewal operation. 1 month.
Kemin Kauppiaat ry
1994 Tourist guide. 1,5 months.


University of Oulu I'm Master of Science. I have managed to accomplish all courses and made my masters thesis in autumn 2006. My issue is associated with quality models of web sites. Particularly I'm interested in usability. I made a quality model which ensures that usability of a web site can be satisfactory. I started my current studies in 2002 at department of information processing science. Earlier I have studied electrical engineering which is now my minor subject.
High school 1990-1993 Kemi high school. Mean value in certification of graduation 8.8. Mean value in matriculation certificate M.


Computers My computer hobby started as early as 1980s with Commodore VIC-20. Back then I started to learn BASIC programming language. I also tested a little bit of Assembler programming. I designed and maintained memberships register and posted member letters. All of course computer aided. When Commodore 64 changed to Amiga I started to learn C programming language. After Amiga I got clone PC. After that I haven't bought whole computer again. I have managed to upgrade my machine always when I needed more power, bigger case, more storage space or something else. With PC I have programmed in Java, html, css and php. And of course I have played computer games whole time I have had computers.
Photograpy I became inspired in photography in 1997 when I bought my camera. A few of my recent photos is in photos page.
Videofilming and videoediting I got my hands in video camera in 1992 and I immediately was enthusiastic about making videos. I found out that its not all about filming its also about editing. First I edited films only with two video recorder but later I got sound mixer and with Amiga I could make some graphic elements to films. Nowadays I can make films much easier on my PC editing system.
Hifi/home theater I have been listening music since my early years. It was obvious that I one day bought amplifier, player and loudspeakers which were easy to listen. Listening music and watching movies have been very relaxing.
Car One of my hobbies is repairing and maintaining cars.
Other hobbies Reading, swimming, bicycling, roller skating, fixing and repairing things.


Drivers licence BE
National service 1993-1994 Oulu ja Sodankylä, signaller.
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